Amazing place In Cambodia.

A beautiful Cambodia country that everyone wants to visit.

Lobak Coun is located on the border with Cambodia and Laos, which remain on the territory of Preah Vihear Province is a large waterfall on stones becomes Resource vast consecutive everyone heard but rarely witnessed.

According to the Pech Dara bureau chief development plan, tourism, community-based tourism department Treng told waterfall on rock giants named to 3 who are resident says neighbor apart, some called waterfall Sophamith some call Lobak Coun or call him virtual. But the most common name is Lobak Coun. It is located in the northwestern Cambodia-Laos border. It is a river that runs through the area, come down from the highlands into the Mekong River in the territory of the country.


When national and international tourists come here certainly exclaimed Wow! Amazing. If since the beginning of the molecular tree and landed next to miles of mountain range, looking to see the upper part of the territory of Laos but most of the normal flow through the woods on the water. On the country side, foaming waters flow meter tall Sampong plus maze. It has created a great spectacle unique beauty should watch with smoke R. obligations that have emerged out of the water. Stood looking at the beach, there’s almost not listen to others speak, but the sound of music, the nature of the force flow.

Speaking of rock emerge far meters-tall block flows that do not work. These giant rock cracks are gradually being worn by force flow and its natural life. This naturally creates a unique scene. Distance from not willing to risk any boat because the water swept away but villagers near here sailed through some places because they were familiar with the terrain.

Labak Coun or waterfalls Sophamith is an area where the Mekong River runs through and stay in the commune Rumkel district that Thala, a distance of nearly 80 kilometers from Stung Treng and located in Kampong cypress districts, which have a range of over 100 kilometers away from Preah Vihear. So far, there are not many people came here and foreigners, not too much.

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