Honda motorcycles can be balanced automatically fall and drive

     Quietly Honda motorcycles can be balanced automatically fall and drive (video Inside)

Every motorcycle owner sure motor maintaining a balance can sometimes be difficult. But Honda has recently appeared to help solve a motor bring balance automatically Not only could even drive itself.

The company has said that it is possible to drive in high-speed, safe and showed a motorcycle bizarre that use the same technology.

This motorcycle was named the Honda Riding Assist motor is the idea of ​​using technology, Honda’s robot to maintain balance while motor launch and do not need a pole. The motorcycle stability control automatically also equipped with technology features that can control the speed of the change movement to different directions and stop via the seat of the driver as well, just by moving changing the weight of your body on the seat that simple now.

Sources said that the company has also released a video that shows the properties of the motor drive, followed by owners around the showroom. During the launch at CES in Las Vegas Motorcycles Honda’s automatic stability control has also been on display near a motorcycle automatic stability control called Uni-Cub.

Sources said that although the company has not said when a motor is placed into the production chain. While the group has said it envisions a future where all vehicles will be able to communicate with one another, and infrastructure in order to reduce traffic congestion, including the elimination of accidents. Link for watching video:

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