Ronaldo does not deserve to win Ballon dor Messi.

   Xavi, Ronaldo does not deserve to win Ballon dor Messi
Cristiano Ronaldo won the best player Ballon dor’s magazine France and a few days ago by the award that was voted by journalists.

However, for the top award, the former Barcelona player Xavi perceive it as not worthy for Ronaldo to win this season, because Lionel Messi do better. Midfielder currently plays for Al-Saad, said that “This year, they’re worried about many awards as before each player is supposed to play better. Lionel Messi is the best among all the players, even though the other award winner “.

By this time, Ronaldo won the Ballon dor 4 times, while Messi has 5 times. Portuguese striker and captain has said he wants to win the best players to have equal to striker Argentina.
Meanwhile, former coach of Chile, Messi should win Ballons d’Or automatically alone who is now the team manager Sevilla said Ballons d’Or award should have 2 and one for Lionel Messi alone automated and for other players competing simply because he understood that the Barcelona striker capable of great players any comparison.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi won Ballons d’Or 5 times and was named among 30 nominees after 2016, this well. The 29-year-old helped Barcelona win La Liga and the Copa del Rey last season, but he had lost the finals Copa America 2 consecutive years (2015,2016) under hands Chile, while in 2015, Mr. Sampaoli team leader Chile to win.
Sampaoli said before Sevilla’s Barca tonight: “It should have two Ballons d’Or award for a … Messi, and another for other players (competing). he is capable above all if you want to compare with him the not impossible. if you want to stop him, but he did not play ball, or he did not. ”

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