Gold speech from the White House! 5th President James Monroe.

5- President 5th, James Monroe (1758-1831)
POSITION Constructed 1817-1825
James Monroe became president after working the public for 40 years. He used to preach in the Revolutionary War in America (1775-1783) used to be a senator as diplomats Country France and former Governor State Tower Virginia as well. He has announced a policy called theory Monroe warned European countries not to interfere in other countries in the Western Hemisphere. Monroe led the country during a heated era of good feeling. Borders has been moving rapidly to the west. Many small cities have sprouted like mushrooms from the Mississippi River to Russia, especially given territory Florida Florida from Spain.

James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758 Local site palliative Holland (Westmoreland) State Virginia. His father, a lieutenant chicken original birth family from Scotland (Scottish), who settled in Virginia in the 17th century.
James Monroe was the firstborn among 6. He studied at home teacher until the age of 12 years before his father sent to school at the school language San States Kitts ball bite Belgium (Parson Archibald Campbell) that when the 16-year old enrollment continues at the College of William Anne Marie event Revolutionary War were drawn, he was drafted into the Army until 1778 was promoted to lieutenant colonel and a chance to continue her studies in politics from Thomas J. Jefferson, when in too.

-1783 Elected MPs Comgress of the Confederation
-1786 married wiht (Elizabeth Kortright)
-1790 elected Senator.USA.
-1794 Appointed French diplomats
-1799 Elected to the State Governor Oliver Virginia
-1811 Legend of State of Foreign Affairs
-1814 Appointed as State Minister for Defense
-1816 Elected President of 5..
-1820 Elected a new presidential term
-1823 Recommendations Monroe
-1831 (4th of July), died in New York City.

– Gold Speech Of James Monroe

  1. Out country (USA) is like a new house in which we lack a lot of things but we still have the most valuable thing of all, that is liberty.
  2. I daresay the heaven votes of my fellows gave me their trust, so I should start operation with regard.
  3. Pride of a nation’s most valuable assets.
  4.  American country since the departure building from now on, the longer a trend that European powers colonized the future.
  5. Incest, Parliamentary State Virginia, on December 7, 1801
    -In a government established by the people’s sovereignty, State youth education is the most important thing. In the government of such knowledge should be taken to spread widely in society as a whole and not only help them to work for a living, but it’s easy to every citizen well.
  6. Message sent to Congress UPA December 2, 1923
    «For the loyalty and relationship have any form of friendship that exist between. However. American countries and those powers to declare that we should be understanding of their purpose, which wants to expand the system into the hemisphere of this dangerous to the peace and stability of our destruction. We should not interfere into state affairs under colonial or independence. But with the government, we can not see the role to be targeted to pressure them or determine their fate as Europeans. We want to have a good and a friend of long duration.

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