Gold speech from the White House! 4th President

4- 4th President James Madison (1751-1836)

Positions: 1809-1817

Head and shoulder portrait of James Madison (1751-1836), fourth President of the United States. After a painting.


James Madison once called the ‘father of the Constitutional State because he played a key role in meeting the Convention on the State Constitution in 1787. Madison’s friends can close associate of Thomas Jefferson. They form an important political partner. Madison had tried to avoid. However. Al-conflict countries in Europe, but he also led the country to war with Britain in 1812 after British analog into the affairs ships. However. United States, and during the war, the British army has besieged Washington burned the Capitol, the White House and the Palace of Government, like many others. As president, Madison was a political way that State Economic Co has grown and expanded to the west.

James was born on 16 March 1751 local portal Intercontinental (Port Conway) State Virginia. James is the oldest of whom 12 people.  His family owns several plantations with slaves. James went to study with a private teacher and then also attend (Donald Robertson school) and the age of 18, he enrolled in the College of New Jersey. Like most political subjects.

  1. 1771 graduated from the College of New Jersey.
  2. 1779 elected as a member of the InterContinental UPA.
  3. 1787 worked at the Constitutional Convention meeting.
  4. 1789 elected representation of u.s.a..
  5. 1794 married her (Dolley Payne Todd).
  6. 1801 appointed as State Minister.
  7. 1808 elected President of U.S.A.
  8. 1812 war with Britain. Elected new mandate.
  9. 1829, worked in the Constitution Convention annual State Virginia.
  10. 1836, 28, died at the family’s home Yemen fiscal Montreal.

– Gold Speech Of James Madison

  • All power is in the human being’s hands, it will be used in the wrong way.
  • State of the State full of peace is very hypnotic. State constitutional law is good and it is a constitutional state model to the world that gave equal freedom.
  • Democratic society where people have a few joint control of their own government.
  • We have taken the future of American civilization, all risky to work without depending on state power. We take the organization’s future political fate on a group of individuals who have the ability and the owners themselves and our highly qualified individuals in the rule to save our own security by mandating the 10 Commandments of God.
  • The modern government without the modern knowledge or without ability to seek for the modern knowledge looks as the government is starting the performance of comic or tragic, or tragicomic drama. Actually, knowledge can cure ignorance all time. Anyone who intends to be a leader must prepare the complete power together with the supply of present knowledge.
  • The concentration of all power, legislative power, the executive and the judiciary alike, although one person or a few people, although reproductive father to his own children, or by appointment or by election, is just an announcement of the meaning of an authoritarian.
  • Between the wealthy and has created a wealth of different interests in society.
  • If the people an angel, not necessarily government.

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