Gold speech from the White House! 3rd President THOMAS JEFFERSON

III- 3rd President THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826)

– Title: 1801-1809

US President Thomas Jefferson, the top of each respective statement declared independence as a diplomat, a politically minded. He is a person who has the talent corpse heard so many architect leading the American who designed the (Virginia capital) layout Hall (University of Virginia), as well as own home (Monticello), and he also educated about the arts and music as well. In addition, he urged India to progress of scientific research, innovation and many other important affairs. Thomas Jefferson did not consider himself a great man, but he considered himself just a citizen who is conscious public. He believes the majority of people  want a simple rule and benefit all citizens.

Thomas Jefferson loved freedom for everyone. He did everything for freedom of speech info and other personal freedoms and he initiated the inspiration and spirit of the American people as well.

During the two terms of Thomas Jefferson United States covers an area more than doubled because he has bought Louis acacia Louisiana. The United States maintains a neutral stance, while France led by Napoleon ordered troops into battle almost everywhere in Europe. Thomas Jefferson was born on 13 April 1743 in Goochland Virginia. He is the third child of 8.

Thomas Jefferson’s Father previously served as a Member of The House of Burgresses. Mother of Travancore, which links the oldest clan in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson started learning with a personal teacher at (James Muary) and attended the College of William and Mary in 1760 and graduated in 1762.

1772 studied with Martha W. Skelton

1776 written statement of America’s Declaration of Independence

1779 Elected governor of Virginia

1785 appointed as Minister to France

1789 America’s Foreign Minister

1796 US Vice President

1801 Elected president of the United States (February 17)

1819 founded The University of Virginia

1826 July 4, died at the Hmong Palace Barcelona Virginia.

~ Meaningful words of THOMAS JEFFERSON

  1. We grasp these realities which showed their own evidence that every human being was equally create and give from God real right which could not be bought and sold. These Realities are life, freedom and happiness forever.
  2. The honest person dislikes exercising power over his people.
  3. Was there any prisoner freed from his chains and then unhappy? Like me, I am being released from the handcuff of power.
  4. I feel happy that I did not make my fortune during my service for the nation and retired from the position with clean hands, namely empty hands.
  5. I have never slept until sunset for fifty years.
  6. The first duty of the government is to take the serious taskand its second duty is honest and has a simple livelihood.
  7. Nothing will break the man with a high thinking who hopes a success in life and nothing on the earth waits to help the man with a low thinking not to be miserable in life.
  8. I like to swear before the altar of the god that I will be a permanent enemy to all kinds of tyranny over human minds.
  9. Honesty is the first lesson in the intelligent book.
  10. In American we think there is a necessity to advise people to be trained in every office of the government as far as they can be trained, and think this is the long, continuous and honest guarantee of administration offices.
  11. If our houses were on fire, don’t ask where fire was from outside or inside. Before others we have to extinguish it.
  12. Sometime, a little riot is as health medicine strengthens the government.
  13. The intelligent and economic government must encourage people to avoid persecuting each other and mush, on the hand make people specify the policies and develop their own industry, and the government will not snatch food from the labors’ mouth. This is the heart of the good government.
  14. Actually, I feel excited for the all the nation when I have prayed god for justice.
  15. If people let the government decides what kind of foods people will have and what kind of medicines people take, their bodies will be in the sad condition very soon, and also their souls and spirits will be under the power of tyranny.
  16. The spirit of opposition to the government is occasionally very important. I wish such an opposition will stand further and forever.
  17. We always feel sorry for what we have said, but we shall not feel sorry for what we have never said.
  18. Carefulness forever is the cost of freedom.
  19. We should give a promise to each other with our mind, state and sacred honors.
  20. Having been angry, count one to ten before speaking, if very angry count one to one hundred.
  • Do not postpone until tomorrow what we can do today
  • Do not disturb others what you can do yourself.
  • Do not spend the money available
  • Do not buy anything themselves do not want it will bring more losses
  • Pride expensive hunger and jobs
  • We do not regret that eating less to do
  • We do evil will receive pain
  • against the dictator’s obligation from God
  • confusion and intolerance, and the real reason it will issue a protest.

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