Gold speech from the White House! 2nd President John Adams

II- 2nd President John Adams (1735-1826) tenure (1797.1801)

John Adams served as George Washington’s vice president and became president 2. Adams American pioneers to overcome many difficulties.

He played a key leadership role in declaring Independence (Declaration of Independence) and was signed on the historical record. Change a division between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Adam was born on October 30, 1735 (Braintree) in Massachusetts. As a child of Adam Evans helped work at the farm. He learned at the school in the village. He graduated from Harvard College (success) in 1755 from Gartner ranks No. 4 among the 24 students. After school, he briefly studied law in the office of James Rufus Annan (James Punan) and later became a leading attorney in Massachusetts.

1764 October 25, was married to her (Abigail Smith)

1774 Parliamentary delegation continents 1st

1777 elected as a member of the committee, five from France to negotiate a treaty continent

1780-1782 The recognition of America’s independence from the Netherlands

1782-1783 served in peace talks with the UK Commission

1785 was appointed president of the United States represents the UK

1789 and 1792, was elected vice president of Washington

1796 was elected President of the United States

1826,4 July death in Quincy.

~ Meaningful words of Adams

  1. Where is unknown peace, make it know.

Where is weak peace, make it strong.

Where is twinkling peace, make it everlasting

  1. If what I could be once again, I would be the shoemaker more than the statesman of the U.S.A.
  2. I would like to pray the heaven to give the excellent bless to this white house and everyone live in the White house is not other than honest and shrewd in ruling under the roof of the White House .
  3. Because of power, corruption occurs, so the society wants the person of the great power and high position to have more morality proper to his position.
  4. The right of people is avoided, nor sold, nor given up but it is a divine right. I worry about the administrator who uses his fearful, hateful power effective to people right.
  5. I have to study politics and war. Whereas my sons have got liberty in a selection of mathematics and philosophy as they like.
  6. The principle of the democratic government should not confide anybody who exercises the power to destroy people liberties.
  7. The revolution must be of complete weapons before operation. It occurs in people’s heart and souls, so a great change in principles, opinions, sentiments and attitudes of people are America’s real revolution.

Thanks for your kindly spending time to read and please waiting for next 3rd President Thomas Jefferson.

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