Gold speech from the White House! 5th President James Monroe.

5- President 5th, James Monroe (1758-1831) POSITION Constructed 1817-1825 James Monroe became president after working the public for 40 years. He used to preach in the Revolutionary War in America (1775-1783) used to be a senator as diplomats Country France and former Governor State Tower Virginia as well. He has announced a policy called theory

Gold speech from the White House! 4th President

4- 4th President¬†James Madison¬†(1751-1836) –Positions: 1809-1817   James Madison once called the ‘father of the Constitutional State because he played a key role in meeting the Convention on the State Constitution in 1787. Madison’s friends can close associate of Thomas Jefferson. They form an important political partner. Madison had tried to avoid. However. Al-conflict countries

Gold speech from the White House! 3rd President THOMAS JEFFERSON

III- 3rd President THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) – Title: 1801-1809 US President Thomas Jefferson, the top of each respective statement declared independence as a diplomat, a politically minded. He is a person who has the talent corpse heard so many architect leading the American who designed the (Virginia capital) layout Hall (University of Virginia), as well

Gold speech from the White House! 2nd President John Adams

II- 2nd President John Adams (1735-1826) tenure (1797.1801) John Adams served as George Washington’s vice president and became president 2. Adams American pioneers to overcome many difficulties. He played a key leadership role in declaring Independence (Declaration of Independence) and was signed on the historical record. Change a division between the United States and the

Why Hollywood Top star Paul Walker Death?

Ultimately, the exact cause of the death of Paul Walker has been penetrated Hollywood actor Paul Walker died in an accident on 30 November 2013. He and his friend were driving a Porsche as they both just out of love. And that the incident occurred when the opening is not far and the investigation into

Gold speech from the White House!

Hello readers, and follow your favorite historical research and famous person in the world. Taking this opportunity and I am addressing the President’s CV 44. Nor has the knowledge and famous people in the world unfolds that you know without having to take the time to do research at Book shop. -US President and the

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