GoPro Hero 5 Price in Cambodia.

GoPro recently unveiled GoPro Hero 5 Hero Black and 5 Session! Want to know the properties and value it?
Camera maker GoPro is a famous action announced 2 new GoPro camera model GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro Hero 5 Session after generation GoPro Hero 4 introduced since 2014 began. In the event, they also showed their GoPro from Karma Drone.

For Hero 5 Black $ 399 and Hero 5 Session costs $ 299 and is on sale in the United States alone like this on the market can also be purchased, but just a little more expensive. Camera 2 can shoot video up to 4K at a speed of 30 frame per second, and can resistant waterproof up to 33 feet, equivalent to 10 meters without the need to put the protection, but also have an order by the voice and language of 7 can be set.

All pictures and videos that can work back up automatically to the cloud of GoPro. Holes absorb the same stereo audio, a button press, similar to Hero 4.
The difference between the camera 2, such as Hero 5 Black camera of 12 Mega pixels, the screen pressing Touchscreen 2 inches, comes with GPS, can shoot a picture RAW, and video can be recorded as the size Wide Dynamic Range has also Blocks Hero 5 Session back camera only 10 Mega pixels only, no screen Touchscreen, no GPS, can not take pictures RAW Fashion or WDR.

That’s the difference of it so there is a price difference of $ 100.
For the model, these will be available on the market, some on October 2, and will also soon the next few weeks may also have merchants, some to sell on the market land, so you can wait, according to facilitate if you’re wanting to buy a used, but also be aware that it can be expensive bit, and no different from the auction’s first Hero 4 that.

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