The top-most expensive for 2016

    The top-most expensive  for 2016 2016 automobile car company unveiled its new top model for the market and that there car models 5 highest priced sale. 1. W Motors Lykan HyperSport worth $ 3.4 million W Motors Lykan HyperSport not only expensive but also a limited number of other manufacturers produce only 7

Ronaldo does not deserve to win Ballon dor Messi.

   Xavi, Ronaldo does not deserve to win Ballon dor Messi Cristiano Ronaldo won the best player Ballon dor’s magazine France and a few days ago by the award that was voted by journalists. However, for the top award, the former Barcelona player Xavi perceive it as not worthy for Ronaldo to win this season,

Sports car, fastest without the need to refuel.

Sports car, fastest on the planet without the need to refuel! Developed by China! When it comes to car sports, each of us is fully aware that it is a type of fast car and a body style Sexy with expensive than normal but if it comes to electric vehicles, we certainly think about the

GoPro Hero 5 Price in Cambodia.

GoPro recently unveiled GoPro Hero 5 Hero Black and 5 Session! Want to know the properties and value it? Camera maker GoPro is a famous action announced 2 new GoPro camera model GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro Hero 5 Session after generation GoPro Hero 4 introduced since 2014 began. In the event, they also

Gold speech from the White House! 3rd President THOMAS JEFFERSON

III- 3rd President THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) – Title: 1801-1809 US President Thomas Jefferson, the top of each respective statement declared independence as a diplomat, a politically minded. He is a person who has the talent corpse heard so many architect leading the American who designed the (Virginia capital) layout Hall (University of Virginia), as well

Gold speech from the White House! 2nd President John Adams

II- 2nd President John Adams (1735-1826) tenure (1797.1801) John Adams served as George Washington’s vice president and became president 2. Adams American pioneers to overcome many difficulties. He played a key leadership role in declaring Independence (Declaration of Independence) and was signed on the historical record. Change a division between the United States and the

Amazing place In Cambodia.

A beautiful Cambodia country that everyone wants to visit. Lobak Coun is located on the border with Cambodia and Laos, which remain on the territory of Preah Vihear Province is a large waterfall on stones becomes Resource vast consecutive everyone heard but rarely witnessed. According to the Pech Dara bureau chief development plan, tourism, community-based

Manny Pacquiao announced sports in Cambodia.

    Manny Pacquiao announced sports in Cambodia In a meeting with head of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia on the morning of December 14, boxing king Manny Pacquiao, said he will help promote the sport in the country. With the promise of a major player Manny Pacquiao also announced that he would come

What Happened on Aircraft football Champecoense?

Aircraft football Champecoense not fall by accident was the pilot’s intentions….  Minister of Bolivia Reymi Fereira said the plane crashed in the past is not an accident, while he was talking about this unfortunate incident last week. The airline has Lamia crashed in a mountainous area outside the city of Medellin in Colombia last month,

How to hide Everything easily on the iPhone and iPad!

 Hide everything easily on the iPhone / iPad Usually on the IOS software is that we can not hide that, and if you want to disappear, until canceled. Is there any way other than deleted and can not be hidden anymore? Okay! Today I will present tips for fans to be able to hide what